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The Centre for Child Evaluation & Teaching (CCET) is a non-profit organization registered in Kuwait since 1984. It started out in Shuweikh close to the sea front, and then it transferred to new headquarters in Al Surra at the beginning of the academic year 2006-2007. This dynamic organization which offers both diagnostic and remedial services to children with learning disabilities in addition to training and awareness activities has come a long way.



Initially, CCET offered an assessment with a psychologist and an educationalist, after which a program of intervention could be drawn up and used by the child’s school. Extra tuition on a one to one basis was offered in the evenings after school. It soon became apparent that there was a considerable demand for a Day Program offering intervention programs. So, the decision was taken to open a Day Program.


The Ministry of Education collaborated with CCET in establishing the Day Program with CCET training the Ministry of Education’s teachers who in turn, gained valuable exposure and awareness about learning disabilities . It was never intended that the Day Program should keep the children all the way through their education, but merely to work with them to remediate their disabilities and teach them learning strategies. Some returned to the mainstream schooling system after a year; whilst others spent two or more years at this Day Program.

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